Warm up lecture Marco Maio/ Contemporary Portuguese Architecture

15/3 2017

Warm up lecture Marco Maio/ Contemporary Portuguese Architecture

KDY: 15. březen v 18.00 hod.

KDE: Fakultě stavební ČVUT v Praze, Ateliér D

Lecture will be in English in Atelier D at Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU/ přednáška proběhne v anglickém jazyce v Ateliéru D na FSv ČVUT.

"Warm up" lecture before the start of the series of lecture called What Is Architecture? / "Warm up" přednáška před startem cyklu přednášek "Co je architektura?".

The Contemporary Portuguese Architecture is drawn on its own history, the roots are its identity and one cannot dissociate architecture from its geography. Besides the architectural heritage of the Portuguese Architecture, nowadays the cultural and socio-economic environment widened the scale of intervention on a global scale, as in other periodsof the history, the roots were released and Portuguese Architecture lost its borders to harmonize with the new place.

The presentation will be driven through the vernacular features of the Portuguese Architecture, where the breaking boundaries of the architectural practice and the distance between Architecture and Engineering are beaten.
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